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07.22.16 Oklahoma Welcomes New Hilton Garden Inn to Ardmore
07.15.16 New Hilton Garden Inn Added to California Coastline in the City of San Diego
07.08.16 Hilton Worldwide Opens New Dual-Brand Property in Downtown San Diego
07.01.16 New Hilton Garden Inn Opens as Only Waterfront Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island
06.28.16 Hilton Garden Inn Debuts in Xi’an City, China
06.28.16 希尔顿花园酒店首次亮相中国西安市
06.21.16 New Hilton Garden Inn Opens Near Downtown Houston
06.21.16 Hilton Worldwide Opens First Hilton Garden Inn Property on Oahu
06.13.16 The Minnesota Valley Welcomes Newest Hilton Garden Inn
06.10.16 New Hilton Garden Inn Expands in Massachusetts with Opening in Marlborough
06.08.16 New Hilton Garden Inn Opens in Pigeon Forge
06.01.16 Hilton Garden Inn Makes Its Debut in Ireland
05.18.16 New Hilton Garden Inn Opens in Houston Area
05.17.16 Hilton Garden Inn Debuts in Foshan City, China
05.17.16 希尔顿花园酒店首次亮相中国佛山市
05.11.16 Hilton Worldwide Enters a New Country with Signing of Hilton Garden Inn Hotel in Paraguay
05.11.16 Hilton Worldwide ingresa a un nuevo país al firmar un acuerdo para administrar un nuevo hotel Hilton Garden Inn en Paraguay
05.11.16 Hilton Worldwide entra em um novo país com assinatura de contrato para um hotel Hilton Garden Inn no Paraguai
04.29.16 Hilton Garden Inn Shines in Sunderland
04.21.16 New Hilton Garden Inn Opens Near Detroit
81 - 100 of 370
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